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Helioza is a collection of thoughts, musings, lessons and images from a lifetime spent observing and wondering about this vast world in which we all live.  Varied, and even eccentric, it veers between humor, technology, health and whatever seems interesting to me at the time.

Ray N. Franklin

This is where to find my books and stories. I’ve recently added science fiction or SF to my non-fiction writing. I’ll be logging each new publication as it launches. Stay tuned for much more to come.

Partial eclipse in Fort Collins, Colorado: Nature’s Pinhole Camera.

Just released, Galaxy Field Guide For Kids Age 4-8 is a new version of the older guide. This one is for children aged 4 years to 8 years. Beautiful images of classic galaxies grace the pages. Simple, easy to understand text keeps younger kids engaged as they learn about the stars outside our Milky Way.

Natural Health

I have spent many years reading about biology, nutrition and health.  As the topic of health has become more and more popular, I have settled on a small number of information sources that I consider to be reliable and accurate.  Too much information regarding health and nutrition is based on fads or outdated and incorrect theories.

Through personal experiments I have learned what works and what doesn’t for many health issues.  This isn’t original clinical research, but it is actionable information from trusted sources blended with my own observations.  I write about what appears to be true.  If a product doesn’t work for me or I don’t get the promised results, I say so.  If it does work, I tell that also.

You will find no hype here, just facts and straight-forward observations.  It’s natural health treated seriously.

Knee Injury Solutions – Knee injuries are painful and slow to heal, unless you know the right ways to exercise. With effective information you can use proper exercise and strengthening techniques to fully recover from a knee injury. Click here for Knee Injury Solutions.


The RoHSwell.com site was born in 2004 as news of the new environmental regulations in Europe was spreading across the US.  This is a high-tech section focused on regulatory compliance with RoHS, WEEE and REACH.  It applies specifically to the electrical and electronics industries.

RoHS stands for “Restriction of Hazardous Substances” and WEEE for “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.”  REACH is short for “Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.”  All three are directives from the European Commission (EC) to the member nations.  A directive is a set of instructions to member countries requiring implementation of local laws.

The RoHSwell site was one of the first to explain these confusing and very significant changes to the landscape of environmental law applied to high-tech industries.  The RoHS-WEEE directives were fully implemented in 2006, but changes continue to trickle out.  REACH was implemented several years later and there have been changes to RoHS as well.

As this all became old news, it made more sense to merge RoHSwell with the Helioza site.  RoHSwell is now part archive and part reference.  I still find new material to add to this collection from time to time.  If you work in this arena, have a look.  There are still quite a few gems to be found for compliance engineers.

Brita Advanced Filter Slow

Why do the new Brita® Advanced filters clog so quickly? They are rated for 40 gallons and two months, but mine clogged in just one week after only 10 gallons. Click the link above to find out what I am doing to investigate this puzzle.

“Brita” is a registered trademark of Brita LP.

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