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Finding WEEE Scheme Companies,
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To meet electrical waste collection goals, each responsible business must arrange for what is called 'reverse logistics.' This means that EEE returned by a business or consumer must be collected and sent to a recycling facility for proper disposal. The regulations also require record keeping to document how much EEE is placed on the market and how much is taken back. The solution for most businesses is to join a WEEE compliance scheme.

In most countries, producers are required to join a compliance scheme. A number of companies offer collection services. The services may operate in one country, several, or across all of Europe. Each scheme may collect WEEE in one category or multiple categories.

Finding these services can be a bit tricky. But with this easy to use WEEE scheme directory, you can find a service provider that meets your needs. Select a country to see which providers operate there. Click on 'Pan European' to learn about WEEE scheme providers operating throughout Europe. Select a category to find providers handling that particular type of WEEE.

WEEE scheme service providers - is your company represented here? If not, send a request to RoHSwell (contact link at bottom of page). We will send a survey to gather the necessary information to add your WEEE scheme to the directory.

Scheme by Category

  • LHHA - Large Household Appliances
  • SHHA - Small Household Appliances
  • ITT - IT and Telecom equipment
  • CE - Consumer Equipment
  • Lighting - Lighting Equipment
  • Tools - Electrical and Electronic Tools
  • Toys - Toys, Leisure and Sports Equipment
  • Medical - Medical Devices
  • MC - Monitoring and Control Instruments
  • Auto - Automatic Dispensers

Pan European Schemes

All WEEE Schemes

Schemes by Country

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