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Ensuring compliance with RoHS requires cost-effective screening tools. Purchasing components marked as compliant is only the first step. It is equally important to verify incoming lots, to inspect and audit supplier operations and to screen final assemblies. The tool of choice remains the X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer, or EDXRF/XRF Analzyer.

In 2006, most of the available spectrometers were large, expensive and designed for laboratory analytical work. Only a few hand-held XRF spectrometer units existed. Since then, the leading hand-held XRF manufacturers have expanded their product offerings and other makers have emerged. Now there are many more choices, including some inexpensive bench top models that are more convenient for high-volume screening operations. The handheld units are often referred to as XRF guns because of their appearance.

Most spectrometers utilize energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF). The detected signal amplitude is proportional to the x-ray photon energy, which is related to wavelength. Energy dispersive XRF analyzer products utilize inexpensive x-ray tubes and detectors. Even though EDXRF is the more correct term, in practice, XRF is the more commonly used term.

This directory of XRF analyzers collects product listings from the web into one convenient place. It only includes products recommended by the manufacturer for RoHS and lead (Pb) screening work. Select a category below or browse the tools offered by each manufacturer.

If your business manufactures X-Ray Fluorescence analyzers (XRF/EDXRF) for RoHS compliance or lead screening and is not listed here, feel free to contact me. Please include the following: contact information, model numbers, X-Ray source (tube, isotope), beam size (wide, spot or micro) and applications pertaining to RoHS or lead detection. Detailed product specs are also helpful.

XRF Analyzer Categories:

  • Hand-held - small and very portable analyzers
  • Bench Top - medium-sized XRF analyzers that fit easily on a desk or lab bench
  • Standalone - large, self-contained machines

Beam Size:

  • Wide - wide X-Ray beam focus speeds bulk analysis
  • Spot - spot X-Ray beam focus limits analysis to a smaller area
  • Micro - microscopic X-Ray beam focus supports finely detailed analysis


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