Brita Filter Slow Performance

I kept a log to see if my Brita filter slow performance was real or just my imagination. So far I have found the results to be clear and repeatable. Every advanced filter I have used in my Brita Pitcher has clogged after 6 to 10 gallons or about 2 to 3 weeks.

If I were filtering muddy water from a stream, these results would not surprise me at all. But I am filtering water I have distilled from Fort Collins, CO tap water. The city water has a very high quality, repeatedly ranking among the best in the US. I distill the water to remove minerals, chlorine, fluoride and most everything else that might be present. The Brita Pitcher is just the final polishing step in the process to slightly improve the taste.

What goes into the Brita filter is very close to pure water. And yet, somehow, the new advanced filters clog very quickly. The old filters never clogged. They kept working for up to 4 months and close to 100 gallons when I forgot to change the filter on schedule.

Brita Filter Slow Performance Video

Have a look at this video to see the progression.

Brita Filter Slow Performance Data

While I was logging the number of gallons filtered I also recorded the time it took to filter one quart of water. As the total number of gallons filtered increases, so does the time it takes to filter a quart. When it gets up to about an hour I know that by the next day the filter will be so clogged it hardly works at all.

This graph combines results from the two filters I tested at room temperature.

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Logging Brita Filter Performance

So far I have tested two filters at room temperature and one kept in a refrigerator. There are differences, but the sample size is too small to prove anything. Are you having trouble with the advanced filter? Why not run the same experiment I did and submit your results? Together we can find out if there is really a problem with the Brita Advanced Filter design or not. Click the heading above for instructions.

Brita Filter Performance Graphs

All experimental results you choose to share will be summarized in the performance graphs. Just click the heading above to see the graphs.

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