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I have had an interest in health and preventative medicine for decades. Over the years I have tried many different supplements and diets, conducting experiments on myself and taking notes on the results. My experience is now extensive and you can learn from my experiments, successes and mistakes.

Science is my preferred guide. Fads are not. When I consider a new experiment I want to see some evidence of a scientific basis behind the claims. If the science isn’t there, if there are no publicly accessible studies in scientific journals, whatever the claim, it isn’t worth considering.

Natural Health Goal Checklists

Making changes in nutrition and diet can be complicated. And making lots of changes all at once is just about impossible. That’s where my checklists can help. I had to make these checklists for my own sanity and to ensure success. Each list addresses a particular goal and includes all the detailed actions necessary to achieve the goal. The list takes the guesswork and fallible memory out of the picture. It is much easier to follow the list, taking each action one at a time and forming new habits along the way. When the list is all checked off, you have succeeded.

If you are interested in the science and discussion behind the lists, there are explanatory articles here too.  Have a look and let me know how you have used a list to improve your own health.  Natural Health Checklists

Alternatives, Natural Health Newsletter

Along the way, I have found that some sources of information are better than others. One health newsletter I really like is Alternatives, written by Dr. David Williams. He takes a very rigorous approach to researching new claims, travelling all over the world to investigate and report some truly amazing research.

The newsletter covers all aspects of health, from prevention to treatment, and diet to exercise. Articles frequently include instructions to test yourself to see if you have a particular condition. This is a great benefit because it keeps you from taking specific steps to prevent or treat a problem you don’t have.

I highly recommend Alternatives and the products that he sells. I take several of his supplement formulations regularly and have benefited greatly. Check out the special prices on favorite supplements.

Knee Pain

A torn meniscus can crimp your style for months unless you know what to do. Read how I handled my torn meniscus.

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