Dr David Williams

I have been subscribing to Dr David Williams’ health newsletter, “Alternatives” for over 20 years. It is by far the most interesting and useful source of health information I have ever found.

Dr Williams does his own research and investigations of natural health practices all over the world. He travels extensively and talks directly to the scientists who make the new health discoveries. In addition, he reads scholarly journals voraciously and extracts the practical advice that makes it into his newsletter.

He also uses this information to formulate supplements that work. One example is the Joint Advantage Gold formulation.

Over 10 years ago, I started having trouble with my knees. It wasn’t severe, just annoying. At first, it was just some discomfort rising from a squatting position. I noticed it most when I squatted down to rummage through the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

I put up with this for maybe a year as the discomfort grew into pain. It was progressively more difficult to stand up from a squat. I started to use my arms to help pull myself up. Finally, I realized that it made no sense to put up with the pain. If I continued to do nothing it would turn into a disability. I imagined a progression to arthritis in both knees.

Being familiar with Dr Williams’ other supplements, like Daily Advantage, I decided to try the joint formula. I ordered a 3-month supply and begin taking the supplements as directed, 2 tablets twice a day.

There was no miraculous, overnight cure and I never expected such a result. Joint problems take a long time to develop and need time for healing. What really happened was subtle at first, and then dramatic.

By the end of four weeks, I noticed a clear reduction in pain. I was able to get down into a squat and stand up, with some help from my arms, with no pain. After eight weeks, I was fully healed. I could stand from a squat smoothly and easily, with no pain, no discomfort and no helping hands.

Being an engineer, I don’t trust such a simple result. I need proof, so I ran what we engineers like to call a light-bulb test. The results convinced me absolutely. I’d tell you more, but that experiment is another story all its own.

Dr David Williams gets my repeat business because his supplements work. My experiments on myself prove that and I keep using the advice and vitamins that continue to benefit my own health.

Are you trying to lose weight, or control blood sugar, living with high blood pressure? Dr Williams has safe and effective products that can help. They are all natural and no prescription is needed.

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