NASA Checklist

Healthy Checklists

As my collection of health and nutrition information grew I found it difficult to remember all the details.  Condensing long reports into a few paragraphs helped, but that was still too much information when all I wanted to know is what to do.  That’s when I got the idea of creating checklists.

A checklist is a perfect way to get something done.  All the actions are right there, on one page.  When I have completed a task, I check it off and move on to the next.  This is how all critical missions are completed, from rocket launches to food safety inspections.  Checklists are powerful and easy to use.

Now, when I want to add a supplement or exercise to my daily routines, I simply add it to a checklist.  Eventually, I don’t even need the checklist each day.  I have the routines memorized.  But making the checklist still helps to form the habit, so I keep using them at least for that purpose.

Next up, my natural health action checklists. Browse along and download your favorite.

Enlarge Your Brain

What’s the most important organ you possess? Not a Wurlitzer, nor a harmonica, it’s your brain! You are your brain and your brain is you. What could be more important than your self? Nothing, and that’s why your brain is all-important.

Unlike other bodily organs, the brain actually can be enlarged, physically, mentally and functionally. A bigger, better, smarter brain protects itself (and you) from Alzheimer’s, dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS and other neurological diseases. Think you will never have one of these diseases? Think again.

Sadly, Alzheimer’s and dementia are now considered to be part of normal aging. Nothing could be further from the truth. Both diseases are fully preventable and curable. Read the full details about Brain Enlargement here.

Knee Injury Solutions

Knee injuries are painful and slow to heal, unless you know the right ways to exercise. With effective information you can use proper exercise and strengthening techniques to fully recover from a knee injury. Click here for Knee Injury Solutions.

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