Daily Palindrome

Daily Palindrome

The Daily Palindrome is a little widget showing a different palindrome every day. It adds a bit of wordplay fun to any website. Use it on your own site or blog. Once you copy the little Javascript snippet into your post, that page will always show the palindrome-of-the-day.

This colorful widget comes from Franklin’s Palindromedary, a website dedicated to the art and joy of composing original palindromes. The site has easy to use tools that help find words for palindromes. For example, you can validate a budding composition. And the tester even checks if it is an original. Members can submit their symmetrical works for publication in an annual collection. The publisher pays forty percent of book sales to all authors on a pro-rated-by-word basis. Because palindromes are such short works, payment per word can exceed several dollars.

To get the Daily Palindrome for your blog, just visit the widget page at Franklin’s Palindromedary.

About Franklin’s Palindromedary

Palindromedary.us is all about original palindromes. Because that’s our passion, we publish new palindromes by well-known and unknown palindromists. Our palindrome anthologies feature the best of what our members have created. The online web collection shares some of these marvelous compositions with the world.

I believe anyone can create palindromes with the unique and effective tools at Palindromedary.us. Consequently, the site is free to all and is the only place to submit your palindromes for publication in our anthologies or on the website.

The anthology Palindromedary 2020 is now open for submissions. At the time of writing, we have collected sixty-two new and original palindromes for the anthology. The collection keeps growing every day. Consequently, I’m excited to see so many excellent submissions. I’m thrilled because this is our first anthology. It’s also the first collection of new and original palindromes in a very long time. Join our members. Then you can be part of this growing collection. We set aside forty percent of anthology sales to pay our member palindromists.

Anyone may become a member and use the specialized tools to compose great palindromes. Membership carries no charge. Discover the thrill of creating an original palindrome. We have several articles, videos and ebooks to help you learn the powerful composition techniques. Once you understand the concepts, tools like Franklin’s Palindromedary and the Palindrome Composer can have you soaring as a palindromist.

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Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash