Palindrome Books

For about two thousand years, people have been writing palindromes. Consequently, people have publishing books of the same old palindromes for about seventy years. That’s about to change, with the publication of palindrome books by author Ray N. Franklin.

Palindrome Books: Palindrome Tool

Franklin's Palindromedary, powerfully easy palindrome composition tool, mythical beast, dromedary with a head at each end

The first palindrome books entry is Franklin’s Palindromedary. It’s the first reference book to make writing original palindromes easy. Carefully designed word lists make it easy for anyone to create a palindrome. Because the lists use heavy cross-linking, they shine at finding words that will fit into a growing palindrome.

It’s a large ebook with an even larger utility. Traditional palindromists might spend months on a single palindrome. But now, people using Franklin’s Palindromedary can compose similar palindromes in minutes or hours. The book encourages human creativity in the literary field of constrained writing. It opens up an obscure and mostly inaccessible field to anyone who knows how to use a dictionary.

How To Write Great Palindromes

How To Write Great Palindromes ebook

The newest palindrome books entry is How To Write Great Palindromes. This ebook is short and compact, but long on tips. The ebook brims with insights. They help compose a palindrome that moves beyond the ordinary into artistic greatness.

Written for both beginners and experienced writers, the first two chapters detail the nature of a palindrome. Then, in chapter three, learn how to use the four-step method. The Method comes to life in examples that highlight the art of composition.

Every palindrome grows from a single word in each example. From the first word to the last, the book plants signposts leading to the destination. Learn the advantages of a wandering mind, of random inspiration, and of allowing subconscious influence on the artistic process through intuition.

At each step, Franklin reveals his inner thoughts, because that’s how experience connects to a palindrome through word associations. He explains what he intended and where inspiration called for a sharp left turn. Every decision and twist gets its due in these lengthy examples. The end result is always an inspiration for readers. It’s an invitation to join the fray and write palindromes the world has never before seen.