Cia So Manic In A Mosaic

Meet Cia, so manic in a mosaic, manta whisperer and underwater cat trainer. Here she is doing four impossible things before breakfast: holding her breath for an hour during an undersea jaunt; riding her favorite giant manta, Faye Wraye; sipping espresso arabica below the waves; and recording a viral video of her ocean-loving cat, Jacques “Mioeux” Cousteau.

Cia So Manic in a Mosaic

Franklin’s Palindromedary has published the 2021 collection of new and original palindromes. The palindrome anthology title is Cia So Manic in a Mosaic. The book is now available in Kindle format on Amazon. We also have an Advance Review Copy campaign. If you wish to participate, visit the ARC page for more information.

Cia So Manic In A Mosaic

Cia appears manic only because she is a fully actualized human. She recognizes barriers only to break through them. She views limits as boundaries to be stretched. How else could a manta whisperer and underwater cat trainer see the world? This palindrome captures her essence while implying greatness far beyond the limits of mere words. Her palindrome is an example, and I hope an inspiration, for you to consider expressing yourself through literary symmetry.

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