Palindromedary 500 Challenge

Palindromedary 500 Challenge, palindrome writing, call for submissions
Palindrome authors, call for submissions

Do you enjoy palindromes? Have you ever wondered if you could write a palindrome?

You can! has the tools that make it easy for anyone whose brain is smaller than a planet to create original palindromes.

My upcoming anthology, Palindromedary 2020: The Lost Year, is now accepting submissions. It’s a collection of new and original palindromes from members. Memberships are always free.

Palindrome Composing Tools

As a form of constrained writing, palindromes are traditionally one of the toughest challenges for most writers. Master palindromists use pencil and paper to compose their works. They rely primarily on their extraordinary mental skills, which most of us regular people do not possess.

Fortunately, the website provides tools to members that level the playing field. By combining computer processing with some clever rules, I created two tools that turn anyone into a palindromist. Both tools take care of the mentally challenging parts of palindrome composition.

Franklin’s Palindromedary, the core resource, is a collection of specially prepared word lists. Every word in these lists has potential value for making palindromes. The lists use links to cross-reference all entries and speed the process of finding the next word that will make a budding palindrome grow into an amazing flower.

Palindrome Composer, the computer-assisted application, makes the word finding process even faster. This deceptively simple web form uses the Palindromedary cross-references to show short lists of words that exactly match your current needs in the composition process.

Palindrome Anthology

The vast majority of palindromes found on the web are over forty years old. I call that stale, and it is long past time to freshen up the field. Everyone likes new things, and what could be more attractive than 500 new palindromes? I’m reserving at least 40% of the anthology book sales for authors, to be paid out pro rata by palindrome word count. If the book sells as well as I expect it to, I plan to increase the author reserves.

To meet our goal of at least 500 good palindromes, we need more authors. Visit Palindromedary 500 Challenge to learn more and get started today!

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