Franklin’s Palindromedary Ebook

Franklin's Palindromedary Ebook, powerfully easy palindrome composition tool, mythical beast, dromedary with a head at each end
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Franklin’s Palindromedary ebook, a new ebook for wordplay enthusiasts who always wanted to write great palindromes. It’s easier and faster than you ever imagined.

Palindromes — perfect symmetry and super-hard to write, until now

A step-by-step process and proprietary word lists transform a single word into a finished palindrome in record time. What could you do with such a tool?

One recent palindrome champion invested six grueling months in his winning entry! But with Franklin’s Palindromedary ebook you can write a great, original palindrome in twenty minutes, like this one.

“Krab-mealworm-wasted, a cadet saw Mr. Owla embark.”

And this one finished in only thirty minutes.

“Mad for plaid water, Greta W? Dial Prof Dam.”

The secret heart of Franklin’s Palindromedary ebook is a pair of word lists. Both lists contain only words that have a good chance of making palindromes. The Main list is like a dictionary. Instead of word definitions, it shows the word, the reversed word, and ways to split the reversed word. Each fragment in the split matches other words. Selecting a match makes the palindrome grow. The Reversed word list orders words in reverse. This groups words by their endings, a novel approach that speeds the search for words to grow the palindrome.

Instructions for the palindrome writing method are simple and easy to follow. Together with the Main and Reversed word lists, you will soon have your first original palindrome.

This book has other helpful lists, like 402 palindromic words in English. The Ananyms list is a collection of words that spell other words when reversed. For example, stop and pots are ananyms. The Palindromedary has 1,394 ananyms. Every ananym pair is a natural palindrome: avid diva, nomad Damon, and scram Marcs.

Franklin’s Palindromedary is perfect for wordplay enthusiasts, crossword fans, palindromists, and everyone who loves words. It is the first book of its kind to use the power of computing to aid creativity. The book is suitable for tweens to adults.

Franklin’s Palindromedary Ebook Excerpt

A palindrome can be simple, wearing its symmetry proudly like a Mardis Gras costume. Another might be subtle and deceptive, appearing as an ordinary sentence, only to reveal its mirror nature with a flourish. Every palindrome is a spider walking across a mirror, existing on the invisible boundary between reality and wonderland. The spider palindrome lives on each side simultaneously, like Alice in her looking glass worlds.

Franklin’s Palindromedary ebook is available on Amazon as a Kindle Edition.