How To Write Great Palindromes

How To Write Great Palindromes ebook
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Palindromes–fun to read and super-hard to write, until now

How To Write Great Palindromes: The secret to writing a finished palindrome can be yours. Learn it in only 30 minutes.

Palindromist champions have toiled for months to compose a single winning entry! But with the the right tool, and knowledge of how to use that tool, you can write a great, original palindrome in twenty minutes, like this one.

“Krab-mealworm-wasted, a cadet saw Mr. Owla embark.”

And this one finished in only thirty minutes.

“Mad for plaid water, Greta W? Dial Prof Dam.”

What you need is a way to find words that have a good chance of making palindromes. Because every palindrome is perfectly symmetrical, whenever you add one word, you must also add the reverse of that word. The forward and reverse words must fit into the sentence so they make a mirror image of each other. The ebook How To Write Great Palindromes explains how to do that, with clear, step-by-step instructions. It is also an introduction to the unique palindrome writing tool, Franklin’s Palindromedary.

The mechanics are easy enough to understand. By the time you have finished reading The Method chapter, you will know what to do. But there’s more to writing a great palindrome than just mechanics. A truly great palindrome is also art.

Lengthy examples show not only how to apply the mechanics to create original palindromes, but also how to compose the art of them. You’ll see the importance of word choice, of developing a theme, of choosing names that fit into the theme, and of telling a story. This all comes out in relevant comments, which describe the artistic thinking in great detail.

Writing palindromes is wordplay, like word puzzles, games, and crosswords. Franklin’s Palindromedary, like dictionaries and thesauruses, is a powerful reference filled with word lists and palindromic words. It’s a source of entertainment, humor, and fun — your ticket to fame as a palindromist.

How To Write Great Palindromes is perfect for wordplay enthusiasts, crossword fans, palindromists, and everyone who loves word-based activities. It is the first book of its kind to explain the creative art of writing palindromes. The book is suitable for tweens to adults.

How To Write Great Palindromes Excerpt:

The core method is simple.

Choose a word and write it down.

Next to your word, write its reverse.

Add another word and its reverse.

Repeat the previous step until finished.

For every word, letter, or group of letters you add, include the reverse. Always maintain the symmetry. Check the symmetry after every addition so you stay on track. A single letter out of place ruins the palindrome.

At every step where you add to the palindrome, ask if it makes sense. Symmetrical gibberish is still gibberish and isn’t really a palindrome. It can be challenging to maintain the symmetry while adding words. That requires thought in between the lines of The Method. Another challenge is knowing if any possible split will be useful or not. A third challenge is finding words to match each split. The steps above are indeed simple. The hardest part is following the rules of symmetry and grammar.

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