Marketing for Authors

Marketing for authors is a specialty in the enormous field of marketing. It is important to me because I am in the process of becoming an author. Because I want people to read my books, I must use marketing to sell them.

My approach to marketing is simple and direct. I do my best to inform potential buyers what the product is and how it could benefit them. I’m not interested in misleading people or chasing quick sales of inferior products. Attracting customers is so difficult, it makes far more sense to me to do everything possible to build customer loyalty. That means treating every person with respect. It means listening when a customer has something to say about a product, and acknowledging the time and effort they invested.

This page is the portal to articles about the business of writing. I’m learning as I go and I’ll post new articles here as those lessons sink in and I can see the wisdom imparted.

Marketing for authors has an audience of mostly other writers, but fans might have an interest as well. I have been a fan of science fiction for most of my life and I have finally made the effort to become a SciFi writer. Many other fans are considering the same path. Even if you don’t plan to become an author, I can imagine people having some curiosity about a writer’s life. Marketing is one aspect of that multi-faceted life. I’m happy to share my experiences with one and all.

Marketing Platform for Authors

I’m building my own marketing platform under the guidance of David Gaughran’s marketing ebook series. Follow along as I detail tradeoffs between two email marketing service providers and spell why one might be a better choice than the other for some authors. Read Marketing Platform for Authors.