Galaxy Field Guide For Kids

Galaxy Field Guide For Kids

Galaxy Field Guide For Kids

‘Galaxy Field Guide For Kids’ contains 51 brilliant color images from the Hubble Space Telescope. It is perfect for kids of all ages to view on Kindles, iPads, PCs and many other tablets. See the incredible range of galactic structures in our universe.

Stunning images in the ‘Galaxy…’ ebook, combined with space science, astronomy facts, science history tidbits and a gentle, questioning style produce an educational experience that is also fun and inspiring for kids. Young readers will learn about Hubble, Einstein, the Space Shuttle, the universe and astronomy without even realizing it because it is so much fun. Simple math puzzles introduce basic principles to budding astronomers and inspire them with questions to learn more.

As an identification guide, ‘Galaxy…’ explains and beautifully illustrates the categories of galaxies. Your clever child cosmologist will quickly learn to spot Barred Spiral, Ring, Interacting and all the other types of galaxies. Guide entries include space and cosmology facts, plus clear explanations of the life cycles of galaxies.

The text and lessons are aimed at kids ten years and up. Younger kids will still enjoy the pictures and simpler astronomy concepts with an adult reader. Just reading the science of galaxies can plant seeds in young minds that later blossom into a lifelong love of astronomy and science.

Affordably priced, ‘Galaxy…’ is currently available at the Amazon Kindle Store and can be conveniently downloaded by young readers or parents. It is a thoroughly enjoyable reference at a price that is far from astronomical. Check it out on using the links below for your local Amazon store.

Galaxy Pages on Amazon by Region and Country

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