Why Would I Care?

Why Would I Care?

Photo by Dorothy.

Middle-aged monk staring at ground, flashes past in blur. Why would I care? Hot. Heavy traffic, Renaldo driving recklessly, unbelted, typical. Purple beam, crackling thunderous energy, outer system battle-stray. Slashes across hood, metal spattering windshield, tipping forward, front end rolling away from us, steel rends screeches. Tumbling through shattered glass, reflections, diffractions, rainbows! Renaldo flying, strangers staring, no no no no no.

Fuming pavement, right cheek scalding, shiny black loafers passing, hands helping, lifting, floating. Soft white cloth underneath, better. Hands cradling my head, bespectacled gray eyes soothing, straw hat, blessed shade, gently smiling mouth. Drifting. I do care. Slee…

100 Words.

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Ray N. Franklin

Owner, SF Writer at Big Leaf, LLC
Ray N. Franklin lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. He has been a software engineer, granola entrepreneur, and internet marketer. Now he edits palindrome anthologies at Palindromedary.us and writes science fiction. Helioza.com is the place to find his stories and SF news. When not writing software he might be gardening or cooking up a mystery soup.

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    1. Ray Franklin

      Thank you! Stream-of-consciousness seemed most economical.

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