Sheep Prefer Obama 5 to 1

Sheep prefer Obama over Trump

Sheep prefer Obama

A scientific study found that Cambridge sheep prefer Obama over Trump by five to one. The experimental protocol is simple enough for anyone to understand. A sheep is let into a room with two feeding troughs. A video screen above each trough displays a face. The animal likes a face if it eats from the trough below the image. This is identical to the democratic voting process.

In this study, when given a choice of Trump or Obama, overwhelmingly sheep prefer Obama. In eight out of ten trials, each sheep correctly chose Obama. The scientists concluded that sheep have enough brain processing power to recognize human faces and pick the right one.

Sheep prefer Obama over angry Trump

Sheep prefer Obama

This sheepish ability persisted even when the photos were taken from an angle. The angled views were halfway between face-on and profile, sometimes called a three-quarters head shot. Most sheep needed a bit more time to make a decision. Even so, they still selected the correct picture of Obama in seven out of ten tests. Sheep often looked at Trump first and quickly recognized their error before choosing Obama.

Some critics call the study flawed. They ask these questions.

  • Do black sheep prefer Obama?
  • What are the sheep’s political biases?
  • Were these sheep Dolly clones?
  • How many of the sheep were wolves in sheep’s clothing?

Seriously? It seems obvious to this reporter that Cambridge sheep are clearly on the ball politically. Any wolf in sheep’s clothing is nothing but a dyed-in-the-wool conservative.

Image Credit: Jenny Morton
Real Fake News Source: Cambridge University, UK

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