Common App Sterilizes Men

ibProfane Common App Sterilizes Men

Common App Sterilizes Men

A common app sterilizes men by disrupting male hormones. Thirteen young males used the common app ibProfane for several weeks. A second group used the app SexCrush as a placebo. Both groups used the apps thirty times per day, on average. When researchers compared hormone levels, they found the men using ibProfane had an increased ratio of luteinizing hormone to testosterone. On average, the ibProfane users had a ratio of 150 to 1. The placebo group had a ratio of 1 to 1. For most men, the average ratio is 15 to 1.

The ratio of 150 to 1 is considered unbalanced. This condition has the name hypogonadism, which is Latin for tiny little testicles or TLT. Normally, only older men have this condition and no one much cares. In young men, TLT has been linked to sterility and heart disease.

Authors of the study called for more research and setup a kickstarter project to raise funding. Their opinion is that when a common app sterilizes men someone should do something. The men in the ibProfane group have since switched to SexCrush and are reporting a complete reversal of TLT symptoms. This condition is known as hypergonadism, another Latin word that means great big testicles or GBT.

Common App Sterilizes Men Available

Looking for a common app sterilizes men? The app ibProfane is available in the Abble App Store.

Fake News Source:, RFNN Investigation

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