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RoHS Compliance Articles

The RoHSwell view has always been that compliance makes the most business sense. Initially there was a strong movement to resist the regulatory changes and wild assertions that planes would fall out of the sky without lead solder.  The movement focused on lead-free solder, and opposed the RoHS-WEEE directives on principle.

The naysayers were wrong.  All they did was spread fear and misinformation.  The companies that listened to that nonsense missed out on golden opportunities to be among the first to market with compliant products.  They were too eager to seek exemptions and they fell behind the industry as a whole.

Now RoHS and REACH are well established within the electronics industry and the standards are slowly being adopted around the world, including the United States.  At the very least, reading more about RoHS makes an interesting history lesson.  The articles can also help anyone who is still struggling with RoHS-WEEE compliance.  Check out our RoHS collection.

WEEE Articles

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment is the reverse logistics arm of the RoHS-WEEE pair.  The WEEE directive requires manufacturers to take back e-waste from the consumer.  There are several ways to approach this task.  Read more in our WEEE article archive.

XRF Analyzers

X-Ray Fluorescence is the most capable tool for RoHS compliance screening and detailed analysis.  The RoHS directive lead to an explosion of interest in XRF analyzers.  Manufacturers responded with many new models, including some very innovative handheld units that revolutionized screening.  Visit our XRF Analyzer directory and read our articles about the technology and how to apply it.