EPA Reports Flame Retardant Alternatives

RoHSwell View, Green, GoAt the end of January 2014 the EPA released a final report on alternatives to Deca-BDE as a flame retardant. The report evaluated 29 substances selected for the greatest potential to replace Deca-BDE. Study activities included a life-cycle and exposure review, and hazard profiles for Deca-BDE and all 29 substances evaluated.

Intended uses of the report include the following:

  • Identification of potential substitutes – aimed at industry, chapter 3 clearly identifies substances for further evaluation as replacements for Deca-BDE. Non-viable candidates are also flagged.
  • Selection of alternative chemicals based on comparative chemical hazard assessment – the entire report aims to help policy makers assess and compare the hazards of Deca-BDE and each of the potential alternatives
  • Use of hazard information for further analysis and decision-making – the report is expected to drive further study and analysis of the most promising alternatives to complete the hazard profiles along vectors not originally considered.

This is an extremely useful tool for the electronics industry. It identifies potentially preferable alternatives to Deca-BDE and names specific tests that help manage REACH compliance. The preface includes the hazard summary tables, an excellent resource for compliance. The report is just shy of 800 pages and is loaded with important data and information.

EPA report on evaluation of flame retardant alternatives.

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