Sad Elf New Pants

by Ray N. Franklin The alien spacecraft lands, flattening a Tesla parked in front of Starbucks in Seattle. A hatch opens, revealing darkness, the citrusy tang of wood polish and the sounds of rearranging furniture. Two aliens walk into Starbucks. They have metallic legs and brown,...


Wardrobe Disabilities

by Ray N. Franklin Five paces outside the Super-Ultra-Mega-Hyper-Loop train from LA, Carston Thurgood the Fourth cursed a blue streak, bumped his friend out of the way, and knelt by a column to retie his shoelaces. “What’s up, old man?” Raj Singh said as he too...


Why Would I Care?

Middle-aged monk staring at ground, flashes past in blur. Why would I care? Hot. Heavy traffic, Renaldo driving recklessly, unbelted, typical. Purple beam, crackling thunderous energy, outer system battle-stray. Slashes across hood, metal spattering windshield, tipping forward, front end rolling away from us, steel rends screeches....