Cia So Manic In A Mosaic

Meet Cia, so manic in a mosaic, manta whisperer and underwater cat trainer. Here she is doing four impossible things before breakfast: holding her breath for an hour during an undersea jaunt; riding her favorite giant manta, Faye Wraye; sipping espresso arabica below the waves; and recording a viral...


Daily Palindrome

The Daily Palindrome is a little widget showing a different palindrome every day. It adds a bit of wordplay fun to any website. Use it on your own site or blog. Once you copy the little Javascript snippet into your post, that page will always show the palindrome-of-the-day. This...


Palindromedary Member Lloyd Wood Productive

Palindromedary member Lloyd Wood is productive. Wood’s 20 new palindromes are now live on the website. Lloyd Wood has been composing palindromes for several years but his interest had waned somewhat. When he found Franklin’s Palindromedary he regained a long-standing interest in the symmetrical prose. With his collection...