Palindromedary 500 Challenge

Do you enjoy palindromes? Have you ever wondered if you could write a palindrome? You can! has the tools that make it easy for anyone whose brain is smaller than a planet to create original palindromes. My upcoming anthology, Palindromedary 2020: The Lost Year, is...


Palindromes Made E-Z

Palindromes Made E-Z? But palindromes are hard, right? Wrong. If you have the right tools, they can be easy to compose. I know. I was illiterate about palindromes for years before I figured I could invent something to make them easier to create. The video above...


Palindrome Fun

Palindrome fun abounds. Palindromes are fascinating beasts. Imagine running a race on a cross-country course. Immediately after the start, you passed through a forest, then a desert where a giraffe cheered you on, and ended on a beach by the ocean. At what you thought was...