European Commission Reverses deca-BDE Exemption

According to an article published by ELFNET, the European Commission’s legal services division has now reversed the deca-BDE exemption established in 2005. The ruling effectively bans the use of deca-BDE and nearly all brominated flame retardants in electronics as of 1 July 2006. The ruling is based on the...


EPA Reports Flame Retardant Alternatives

At the end of January 2014 the EPA released a final report on alternatives to Deca-BDE as a flame retardant. The report evaluated 29 substances selected for the greatest potential to replace Deca-BDE. Study activities included a life-cycle and exposure review, and hazard profiles for Deca-BDE and all 29...


Bacteria Convert deca BDE into Toxic Forms

New research has identified several anaerobic bacterial species that break down deca-PBDE into much more toxic intermediates. As the most popular brominated flame-retardant available, this news places the future of deca-PBDE at risk. deca BDE Path To Toxicity Science News has been reporting extensively on PBDEs since 2001. The...