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I still have my old analog stereo system I bought in high school along with my collection of vinyl discs. So when I discovered that my BIC 960 turntable had suffered while in storage I had to figure out a way to bring it back to life.

Fix A Stuck BIC 960 Turntable – missteps and recovery on the path to a working stereo system from the seventies.


Rooftop Water Collection Illegal in Colorado
I live on the Front Range of Colorado in the northern part of the state. It is classified as a high desert. Water is precious and often in short supply. You might assume that water conservation would be a top priority for all citizens with active support from the state legislature. Until recently, you would be mistaken.

Colorado has now joined the rest of the US by legalizing the collection of rainwater from urban rooftops. Not only can you smoke marijuana at home, you can now catch raindrops falling on your head, or roof. Check out the Water section under Totality to see how water activists finally achieved this small miracle.

Colorado Rain Barrels Now Legal

Colorado Rainwater – thoughts about the sensibility of rainwater collection.

Brita Advanced Filter Slow – Why do the new Brita Advanced Filters clog so fast? Read about my experiments to find an answer.

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