All Star Health Huntington Beach

All Star Health Huntington Beach

All Star Health Huntington Beach

All Star Health Huntington Beach

All Star Health Huntington Beach California is a discount retailer of vitamins and supplements. Many of their clients are bodybuilders. Their low pricing and flat-rate shipping have made them a popular source for a wide variety of healthy products.

These are two of the items I buy regularly from All Star Health Huntington Beach. The whey protein is the primary ingredient in my morning protein shake. Along with almond milk, water, fiber, freshly ground flaxseed, some frozen fruit and part of a banana, the protein gets me ready for my daily exercise routine. It helps me build muscle and keeps my energy level high for most of the morning. I only need a light snack of nuts and fruit late morning to top off this high-performing breakfast.

Another fantastic benefit of whey powder is how it increases levels of glutathione, which is a strong indicator of a healthy immune system. But whey is more than just a protein source. In addition to being a completely balanced protein source, it also contains dozens of amino acids and specialized proteins that boost immune health in other ways.

Magnesium is the other supplement I take regularly, for regularity. I find it shameful that the effectiveness of magnesium is still unknown by so many people. Worse, people taking opioids for pain almost always deal with opioid-induced-constipation or OIC. Instead of recommending magnesium, too many physicians prescribe Linzess (rhymes with incest) for OIC.

Commercials for Linzess show people saying they tried more fiber and more water and it didn’t work. But the ads never mention magnesium because they don’t want to spread the word about this low-cost and very effective alternative to yet another expensive prescription medicine with potentially dangerous side-effects.

The simple truth is that most people are magnesium-deficient. An adequate daily dose of magnesium completely resolves constipation, regardless of cause. It works because it draws water into the bowel, making stools soft and easy to pass. But clearly, big pharma can’t make any money from magnesium, so they con us into buying Linzess, which has a very high profit margin.

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