Hach Loveland Colorado

Hach Loveland Colorado

Hach Loveland Colorado

Hach Loveland Colorado

Hach Loveland Colorado is a specialty chemical manufacturer. The company is also very involved in water quality measurements. When I was a kid another Colorado company was famous, Estes Rockets. Later, when I was in high school, Hach Chemical was the business of fame, particularly in chemistry class. Certainly they provided many of the chemicals we used in those smelly and sometimes dangerous lab sessions. They also played a role in the summer of water quality testing we did in 1971. At that time we took boats out into the local bayous to sample the brackish water and mud from the bottom. Then it all came back to lab for various analytical tests such as turbidity, salinity, clarity and biological diversity.

This view shows the north and west sides of the rambling Hach facility. The part of the building that fronts the main airport road is a pale monolith, probably the back of a warehouse. This photo shows the parking area and front of the building where employees and visitors enter.

It was a rainy day when I took this photo, and I was testing out a new webcam. The camera is sitting on a windowsill and looking out through a window. That explains the concentric lines of glare and flare particularly around the sides. The camera is a very compact model rated for exterior use. The quality is quite good for the price. It delivers a high-definition image from a housing that fits easily in my hand. At around a hundred dollars, the price is also attractive. The German models I used previously cost ten to eleven times that. The main trade-off I care about is the image distortion. The German cameras had on-the-fly image correction that removed the fisheye distortion. It worked at video speeds, which probably explains much of the price difference.

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