Northern Colorado Regional Airport

Northern Colorado Regional Airport

KFNL Fort Collins-Loveland Airport

Northern Colorado Regional Airport

Northern Colorado Regional Airport or KFNL was previously known as the Fort Collins-Loveland Airport. The name changed in 2018. The two cities of Fort Collins and Loveland operate the airport jointly. The old Fort Collins airport closed early in the twenty-first century. The primary runway is 15/33, which means a compass heading of one-hundred-fifty degrees when flying from north to south or a heading of three-hundred-thirty degrees flying south to north. It also has a shorter cross-wind runway designated 6/24. In case you are wondering, the compass heading is the runway number with a zero added to the end. Another fun fact is that the difference between the larger and smaller numbers is always 18 or one-hundred-eighty degrees. Makes sense because a runway is basically a straight line.

This photo is a view from the roof of the Jet Center located next to the apron on the east side of the airport. I took the shot before I started a project of installing weather webcams. For three days one summer I was on the roof and in a loft area just below the cable entry point. I ran cables through the roof, sealed up the hole, mounted cameras, crimped on network cables, installed networking equipment inside and was in the process of testing the system when the Jet Center manager called up to me in the loft.

“Who are you and what are you doing?” she asked.

I explained and she told me to stop immediately. Puzzled I returned to the avionics shop where the owner had told me to proceed with camera installation. It turns out he had given me instructions to do the installation before he got permission from the Jet Center for the work. That was not exactly what I wanted to hear. So I spent another day removing all the installed gear and leaving the cables in place in case approval came through. Ten-plus years later, it still hasn’t happened.

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