WaterIn the arid west, water is critical to life and to agriculture. It takes 1.1 gallons of water to grow one almond. That’s three times more than one strawberry needs and four times more than one grape. In the US, 90% to 99% of major crops like almonds, grapes and strawberries come from California. Worse, the central growing areas are all affected by the ongoing drought. Prices are already high and bound to get higher.

Water is a vital resource for food security. The more we know about conservation, the better off we will all be. Every positive action helps. From simple conservation techniques at home to industrial-scale reduction and re-use, every effort to conserve means more gallons for the future.

Water Distiller Better Than Filter

I struggled for months to get my Brita filter to perform as advertised. I finally got fed up with the hassle. Now I use a water distiller exclusively for a healthier drinking water supply.

Brita Advanced Filter Slow

Why do the new Brita® Advanced filters clog so quickly? They are rated for 40 gallons and two months, but mine clogged in just one week after only 10 gallons. Click the link above to find out what I am doing to investigate this puzzle.

Colorado Rain Barrels

One way we can conserve water and extend this limited resource is through the use of rain barrels. These simple devices collect rain that falls on rooftops so it can be used in gardens for a few days after the rain stops. It is a very effective way to reduce municipal water use. Every state in the US now allows the use of rain barrels. As of May 12, 2016, Colorado is no longer the only state where rain barrels are against the law.

Colorado Rain Barrels Now Legal

Read more about Colorado’s New Rainbarrel Law and the effort to make rain barrels legal in the last state that criminalizes rooftop water collection.

Brita® Pitchers

When it comes to good health, pure water is the foundation. Modern water treatment has stopped the spread of harmful water-borne diseases like dysentery. But the chemical treatments have created more chronic problems. Home distillation and filtration are important tools to ensure a supply of pure water. I use a Brita® filtering pitcher and I have been very happy with it, that is until a new filter design came along. Read more about the Brita Advanced Filter.

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