These graphs display a selected set of data that I have submitted using the Brita Data Form. The first graph shows data where the pitcher is stored at room temperature. The lower graphs shows results where the pitcher is stored in a refrigerator.

Stored at Room Temperature

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Stored in Refrigerator

I see a clear difference between filter performance for these two conditions. When the pitcher stays cold in a refrigerator, filter performance appears to be acceptable. The filter time rises some, more so the longer the pitcher sits out at room temperature. But as long as it goes back into the refrigerator, the filter time seems to reach a plateau and stay there.

When I keep the pitcher out on the counter at room temperature, the graph looks like a classic exponential growth curve. To me this strongly suggests bacterial growth. I find that puzzling. At one point, many years ago, Brita added silver to the cartridge to kill bacteria in the cartridge. When they did that, they promoted the fact and stated that refrigeration was no longer necessary. But since the Advanced filter appears to be suffering from bacterial growth, as indicated by the exponential curve, a mystery exists. Where do the bacteria grow and how do they clog the filter?

If you have read the responses I got from customer support, Brita claims that the cartridge did not change. That suggests that it still contains silver to kill bacteria. All this does it strengthen the mystery. My perception is that customer support does not know what changed when Brita introduced the new filters. I suspect that the top screen mesh was added, despite what customer support claims, and that bacteria are now growing on the mesh. I intend to run some more experiments to prove or disprove this hypothesis.

Logging Brita Filter Performance

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Brita Advanced Filter Launched

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