Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher Performance Results

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

From April 19 to June 13, 2018, I used the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher with Fort Collins tap water. The results are clearly superior to Brita. After thirty-five gallons, the Epic Water Filter is still going strong. In addition, the water is more pure, as certified by an independent water quality tester. The difference is the block carbon filter Epic uses versus the carbon granules Brita uses.

Another clear difference is that Epic keeps working for months. The new Brita filters clog in days. Some people report that shaking fixes the filter. That did not work in my tests. The Brita filters have new screens that keep carbon fines out of the filtered water. The Brita screens clog with an unknown material. I suspect bacterial growth. Epic has a similar screen on the bottom of its filter, but it does not clog.

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher Performance

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I did change my test method halfway through the Epic water filter test. Initially, when I ran a quart through the filter, I emptied the pitcher. Each day I left the pitcher empty overnight. That made the filtering times more variable. The chart shows big swings in filter time from zero through 22.5 gallons. Then I started leaving water in the pitcher. That removed all the wide variations. The filtering times became more consistent. They better illustrate a slow rise in filtering time. This gradual increase is normal for any gravity-fed filter. All it means is that the filter is doing its job: removing from the water things you don’t want to drink. That’s a good thing.

After two months, I got too busy to maintain the filter log. I kept using the filter for another two months. I filtered at least 50 gallons and probably closer to 60 gallons. The filtering time gradually increased, but the flavor and quality remained high. I still use the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher and I recommend it as a superior product. You can buy the pitcher and filters directly from Epic. Use the coupon code HELIOZA at checkout for a 15% discount.

“Brita” is a registered trademark of Brita LP.

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  1. Mike

    Thanks for replying with your test results. I’m trying another Brita Filter, which I had already purchased, before splurging on an Epic. I purchased a new Brita pitcher just a few months ago. They may have a quality control issue, especially if they are having their filters manufactured in China. I believe that both brands state that their filters are good for 200 gallons, so I’m still curious how long it takes the Epic to filter at the 200 gallon mark.

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