Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher Review

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher Review

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher Review

My Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher review began today when I opened the box. The pitcher has a nice clean design with a large, rounded handle that is easy to grab and hold. The large filling hole in the lid pops open with a light thumb press. The empty pitcher is lightweight and holds two quarts easily.

The filter includes a flushing cap, a red disk that screws into the top of the filter and a black rubber funnel that fits snugly over most faucets. I flushed the filter under low pressure, as directed, for two minutes. The water that came out the bottom looked clean and clear. I saw no black powder that often emerged from the slow Brita filters.

After flushing the filter I attached it to the pitcher and gave it a try. One quart of water flowed right through from the blue filling section into the clear and colorless filtered water portion. It took less than two minutes to finish filtering. The filtered water tasted good. It had no flavor or smell.

Epic Pure Water filters are unique in construction and formulation. First off, the activated charcoal is a solid block. All other filtering pitchers I have seen use a granular filter material. This is also the only consumer water filter that removes fluoride. That is significant. One reason I distill water is to eliminate fluoride. Being able to filter it out uses much less energy and time. My distiller takes four hours to produce a gallon of pure water. The Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher can filter the same amount of water in about six minutes.

This is just the start of my Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher review. Next I will begin timing the filter and plotting the results by the amount of water filtered. As the data collects, I will post those results along with my ongoing impressions.

Follow this link for a 15% discount on your purchase from Epic Water Filters. If you decide to buy an Epic product, I will earn a commission on your purchase. If you don’t, I earn nothing. I’m doing these tests because I am disgusted with Brita and think the Epic products will perform much better. Your discount should be automatically applied at checkout. If for some reason it doesn’t work, then just enter the discount code helioza on the checkout page.

Checkout my new video about the Epic Water Filters experiment.

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